Protect Illinois Communities Act

After the July 4th mass shooting, I made our community, and our state, a promise that I would do everything in my power to prevent this tragedy from happening again. Today, I am proud to take a major step toward fulfilling that promise by introducing the Protect Illinois Communities Act. After months of speaking to survivors, policy experts, fellow legislators and community leaders, I am confident that this comprehensive approach gets at the root of the gun violence epidemic and will save lives. 

UPDATE 12/5/22: The first committee hearing has been scheduled for Monday, December 12th at 11AM. You can watch it through the ILGA webpage. Click THIS LINK for more information, or to create a witness slip.

UPDATE 1/6/23: The bill has been redirected as SB2226 Amendment 2. It passed the House Chamber and awaits Senate vote.

UPDATE 1/10/23: As of 1/10/23, the Protect Illinois Communities Act has been passed. We wait for Governor Pritzker to sign into action so that it is effective immediately. More to follow soon…

UPDATE 1/10/23: Governor Pritzker has signed the Protect Illinois Community Act and is immediately in effect.


Representative Morgan is the chair of the House Firearm Safety and Reform Working Group. A working group is a collection of lawmakers selected by the Speaker of the House for their expertise on a given subject to address a legislative goal related to that subject. In this case, Speaker Welch has entrusted Rep. Morgan and other members with recommending legislation to crack down on gun violence in Illinois. Under Rep. Morgan’s leadership, the group will hear from gun violence experts and stakeholders, build consensus, and advance impactful reforms.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I submit a witness slip?

  • Click here for instructions on how to submit a witness slip.  This is one way to help once the bills have been referred to a House Committee.  We will update this page once it is time for filing a witness slip. 

Who else was involved in this legislation?

  • The working group created by House Speaker Chris Welch designed this legislation alongside dozens of stakeholders.

Is this just because of Highland Park?

  • No, the gun violence epidemic has plagued all of Illinois for far too long and it is long past due we make the changes necessary to save lives.

Will the working group address the July 4th shooting in Highland Park?

  • The working group is absolutely committed to legislation that prevents tragedies like the July 4th shooting from happening again. No person, family, or community should ever have to live with the terrible scars that the residents of Highland Park are now enduring. 

What is the timeline for the working group?

  • Please continue to contact our office, or your own state representative to show your support for the Protect Illinois Communities Act. We will be updating this site soon with more ways that you can help.

News and Updates

Rep Morgan’s statement on being named Chair of the Firearm Safety and Reform Working Group

“Just over two weeks ago, my community faced a horror that forever changed the lives of all of us at the Highland Park Fourth of July Parade. Our community had the strength to meet the moment, grieve, and recover to build a better world. Now, it’s time to act and I look forward to chairing the House Firearm Safety Reform Working Group to fulfill their mission, said Rep. Bob Morgan.

State Rep. Bob Morgan To Chair Illinois House Gun Safety Working Group

HIGHLAND PARK, IL — As Illinois state lawmakers pledged to consider legislation aimed at addressing gun violence, Illinois House Speaker Emanuel “Chris” Welch on Monday appointed a dozen Democratic state representatives to a new gun safety working group.