Bob Morgan illinois state representative

State Representative Bob Morgan Prioritizes Access to Healthcare and Consumer Protection Reforms during Spring 2024 Session

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May 27th, 2024

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – In a commitment to reducing costs for families and enacting stronger
consumer protections, State Representative Bob Morgan (D-Deerfield) is proud of the
accomplishments made during the 2024 legislative session.

“We’re taking big industry players out of the equation when it comes to addressing the most
pressing needs of our neighborhoods. That’s why we’re putting important health decisions back
in the hands that matter the most: between you and your doctor,” said Morgan.

Building on efforts that have cut debt and earned nine credit rating upgrades, Morgan passed a
new state budget that scrutinizes spending line-by-line to cut nearly $75 million in administrative
costs. The state’s new budget will also continue saving for the future, growing Illinois’ rainy-day
fund to more than $2.1 billion.

Morgan also delivered major reforms to help reduce the cost of living. A new $50 million child
tax credit will help families raising young children face rising costs. Additionally, he voted to
eliminate the state sales tax on groceries and give local governments more tools to provide
property tax relief.

Leading an effort to crack down on junk fees, Morgan passed the Junk Fee Ban Act through the
House, which would ban hidden “processing” or “convenience” fees typically found at the end of
your receipt. This ban would require businesses to post the total cost of a good or service upfront
and on the sticker price.

Morgan also worked to make healthcare more accessible and affordable by passing the Healthcare Protection Act. This act will restrict premium increases, step therapy, and
pre-clearance tactics used by big insurance companies to pad their profits at the expense of

“While we’ve done great work this session, there is still more to be done. I look forward to
meeting with my neighbors to ensure everyone’s voices are heard when crafting policy in
Springfield. I’m committed to continuing on this trajectory, where we can create equitable
opportunities and relieve some of the struggles everyday families face,” Morgan said.